In my lounge room I have a street scape painting of Paris. There are flower markets, tall heritage buildings with awnings covering shopfronts. In the distance you can just make out the top of a church or something similar. Can’t really tell. There’s mist, a whisper of rain or drizzle and people dot the street like the busy bees they represent.

Some days I wish I could hold the sides of that painting, like in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and be sucked into that street. Just for an hour or so. I’d potter around the market, slide my nose down one of the shop windows and find out what exactly is hovering in the background. I would smell and taste the delicacies of Paris without the 24 hour plane flight and arrive back in my lounge room ready for dinner.

My next adventure would be on the sea. I have a less impressive painting of two sailing boats passing a beach. The sand is a bright yellow, the sky clear blue and the boats seem like they’re on a long voyage, together. It’s not a lonely painting, it’s a picture of adventure on the high seas with company. Awww. I can picture myself leaping into this piccy, digging my toes in the banana yellow sand and waving desperately to the boats to pick me up so I can sail too!

Once back on dry land, I’d find another image to leap into. Perhaps the painting of the Last Supper we have! What a moment that would be to experience first hand. This painting is fascinating. There are definitely creepy elements to it so I’d have to bring my daughter’s ducky so I could feel safe. Ducky and I would scoot in the background, hide in the shadows and listen to the conversation (with subtitles). We’d glare at Judas and give Peter warm and understanding nods.

Painting by D.M Cornish

One pic I’d love to visit is a drawing/painting my kids had created. I could meet my cartoon self in my daughter’s painting of the family. In this one it is raining colours, very large raindrops, so I’d make sure to bring my umbrella. Or would I be brave enough to venture into my son’s star wars sketches? I’d make sure I was with one of the goodies, though I’m not too sure about Anakin. Being cartoon people,  I hope they would be easy for me to destroy but I best take a lightsaber with me just in case.

I love looking at paintings and sketches and using my long dormant imagination. To have time to dream and create is pure luxury these days. But maybe we should pencil in dreaming sessions more often on our calendars. Instead of just absorbing other peoples’ imaginations why not create our own stories … even just for ourselves.