Image by DeFacto

One of the great pleasures of summer holidays was visiting my grandparents at Brunswick Heads with the cousins. I reckon we only saw our beloved cousins once or twice a year so it was always a thrill to have some solid playtime with them. We would rock up, squeal, hug them and track down our favourite toys.

Then we’d head to the beach, towel swung over shoulder, together as a mob. Sometimes when it was just my brother and I, we would be treated to a ride to the beach in my grandfather’s little yellow (?) moke. This is the original beach mobile. It always felt a little wild, zooming down the cruisy streets of Brunswick, tongues flapping in the wind. We would have to hang on tight to whatever beach toy we’d brought and hope that no other ‘proper’ car would bash into us. Finally we’d arrive, hair matted in the salty air. But we didn’t care.

Sometimes it was hard work visiting the grandparents. They were kinda strict on clean rooms and table manners and made us watch opera on tv with massive earphones straddling our head. But a ride in the moke and a trip to the beach made it all worthwhile.

Fast-forward twenty or so years and here I am. Back in a seaside town. Though it is a lot more upmarket than downtown Brunswick Heads. But, to my surprise, mokes are making a comeback. Though we are a safety conscious generation, the mighty moke is back and back with a vengeance. People have done away with their Audis and BMWs and embraced this humble little vehicle. Awww, I just want to give it a hug, cutie patootie. I’m not sure if I would take my kids down to the beach in one but if it was good enough for mini me, why not?

Did you have a moke in the 80s? Would you buy one today?