Image by UpstateNYer

There are no words to describe the horror of that day. I remember a knock on my door and my cousin’s ashen face as she described what had happened while we, in Australia, had slept.

Though it is ten years since 9/11, the images that are now plastered over our tv sets bring back the overwhelming feelings of shock that I’m sure we all felt on that day. Loss of a single life is hard enough but to actually see the death of thousands of people was devastating and we’re on the other side of the world. I cannot imagine how America was feeling on that day.

There is absolutely no justification for such acts of violence any where in the world. None. Unfortunately there were some strange people in this world who saw 9/11 as a victory. To me that just means that they were so deeply brainwashed that they couldn’t tell right from wrong. Or they had lost the capacity for compassion for another human being, which is disturbing in itself.

On that day 2977 people died from 90 countries (excluding the terrorists). People from all walks of life, all religions, from all around the world were brutally murdered and people cheered.

We visited Ground Zero in 2003. It was still just a building site. It was so hard to believe that such a horrible thing happened in there. It was so normal. But it was like visiting a concentration camp or a battle ground where many perished in violence and fear. There was a feeling of sombre awe about it.

People can rant on about why it happened and all the politics associated with it and the West vs the Middle East but it comes down to 2977 people, their families and the people who are forever scarred by that day; the people with health problems due to the dust and mental health problems – can you imagine getting those images out of your head? It comes down to people and on that day, it was a horrific, murderous series of acts and no one can cheer about that.