Image by PRA

I love to people watch. Not in a weird, nosey kinda way. But people simply fascinate me. I love picking up on funny little trends or patterns of behaviour, just to entertain myself.

One of my latest notions is the Wine Theory. I have most unscientifically deduced that outgoing people are more likely to order white wine and the more serious people, red. For the beer drinkers I’m not sure how to categorise you, so for the moment I’ll have to let that brew… ha ha.

Even in winter most vivacious, lively people tend to order a Chardy or Sauvignon Blanc with their snacks or meal. Some may argue and say they are just savvy foodies who know what colour wine goes with what dish but I disagree. With nothing to back myself up, I maintain that it is purely a personality thing and this is why.

The red drinkers amongst us, like a good drop of red, are deep, smooth, laid back… thinkers. They are happy to sit back and admire the view, so to speak. Whereas the white wine consumers are the ones sitting up straight or leaning forward, eager to be a part of the conversation. As their wine is cold, they may also drink it more quickly or consume more glasses. This only adds to their ‘life of the party’ label.

In films you don’t see a serious conversation happening over a glass of white wine. It is usually a port or a huge glass of deep red wine. Lunchtime meals often mean white wine and lots of vivacious people. Dinners have a serious undertone. People usually dress up a lot more for night time antics and there’s a lot more time to think deep thoughts and get into more philosophical discussions. No one wants to talk that seriously over lunch.

I was at a business lunch a few weeks ago and it was interesting seeing who was ordering the red and who the white. I was one of the last to order and didn’t know how I felt at the time. I was a little nervous. Should I order the serious red wine and appear mature and businessy or, as I was the Social Media person, the white, showing off my light-hearted fun side. I went for the white as many of the others ordered red. I do like to be different too, by the way.

Some may try to dress up a red and stick it in the fridge or add bubbles, but for me, a red will always be a serious drink and a white, a light.

What variety of wine describes you? Do you agree with the Wine Theory. Discuss for 100 points.