My family is smack bang in the middle of birthday season. One is down, three to go. Fun, fun, funity, fun. With all this birthday cheer going around it gets me thinking about some fun party ideas.

For the next b’day shin dig we are going Christmassy in October. It’s my little girl’s 5th birthday and I kinda led her towards this I must say. Imagine it. Decorating your house for Christmas in October. Ridiculous, some might say but I say smart. Because then the Christmas season will last for MONTHS instead of weeks, I will get awesome use out of my beloved christmas decorations and I will be able to watch christmas movies and listen to christmas music way before the rest of you.

This party will have gingerbread house decorating  (which will double as a lolly bag), a christmas tree for the guests to put presents under for my girl, pass the christmas stocking and fun dress ups. Any more ideas out there? Can’t wait.

If you had an enormous budget, no real constraints what would you do to celebrate your birthday? I was thinking I’d love to recreate the diner in Gilmore Girls, get my hubby to wear a baseball cap backwards, a la Luke and the rest of the guests to adopt a character from the show. We’d drink coffee, eat pizza, tater tots, red liquorice, dessert sushi and lots of different sweet pies. Fun huh?

Or how about a party based on the Dr Seuss book, ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’? We’ll turn up really late so that everyone will be just waiting…We’ll hire the local Boom Band and import some howling Hakken-Kraks (I think pulling their tail does the job). We’ll make people think they’re awesome and then make them fail on tv or make them play against themselves so they always win and lose at the same time. Shoes! We’ll provide shoes with feet in them, heads with brains in them and elephants towing large sunshades over each person. And will it be great? Yes! 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.

Oh the parties we’d have if we actually could. Money, time, stuff, things, venues, food, friends, creativity, energy… But I love a good party. Sometimes the simple ones are the best.

How about you share some funky party ideas of your own? We could start a movement of awesome, quirky parties across the globe.