I’ve been reading Kathryn Stockett’s brilliant novel, ‘The Help’. I saw the film last night (https://oscarclub.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/2012-best-picture-prediction-the-help/) and it is always shocking to see how a group of people can justify racism. Unfortunately, this has been happening throughout history in various parts of the world. Human beings have a strong desire to feel good about themselves and it is often, unfortunately, at the expense of someone else.

Nine times out of ten, racism is not directed at Caucasian people. Is this because the racism mainly comes from white people? Or are we more vocal about it? I don’t know. It would be interesting to do a study of Caucasian people who have been the victims of racism and how that differed from experiences of others.

We did a world trip in 2003. At that time the Americans were beginning to bomb Iraq and we found ourselves in Cairo. Talk about a fish out of water. We felt relatively safe because we were Australian and our tour guide said to some officials that all the tourists on board were Aussies. In actual fact we had four Americans travelling with us.

In Europe, anger against America was building. People were protesting in almost every major city against the American ‘invasion’. It was such an interesting time to travel. At one stage we booked into a hostel in Biarritz and the guy on the desk was surly towards us. Quite unhelpful, until he realised that we were Australians. His mood completely changed and he was overly chatty and lovely.

I have quite a mixed background: Portuguese, Scottish, Scandinavian, Greek, Irish, Jewish… but mostly Aussie, really. I have never experienced racism, not to my face anyway. In fact quite the opposite which can be quite uncomfortable. I don’t like the fact I’m being treated better than others because of where I live or the colour of my skin. It’s just wrong.

I’d be interested to hear any Caucasian person’s experience with racism. Has it ever happened to you? Do share.