1. Pick their nose in public
  2. Have a screaming tantrum in K Mart
  3. Walk around the beach completely naked on a busy summer’s day
  4. Point their finger like a gun and shoot at people
  5. Ask questions loudly while watching at the movies
  6. Wear weird clothes that don’t match ie: gumboots, board shorts, t-shirt and vest.
  7. Point out imperfections in adults – “That lady has a fat tummy” or “Your hair looks weird” or “Look at all the wrinkles on your face” or “Have you got a baby in your tummy?”
  8. Eat tomato sauce with a spoon for dinner
  9. Burp the alphabet
  10. Tell the truth without any filters
  11. Jump in puddles
  12. Fart loudly
  13. Cry when they’re disappointed
  14. Have public rumble sessions, all in good fun
  15. Toilet talk – poo poo, bum head, toilet wee, fart face
  16. Go to sleep in the car and be carried into bed, still asleep
  17. Sing the wrong words to songs at the top of their voice
  18. Touch their toes
  19. Have play dates where they actually play
  20. Have their teeth brushed by someone else
Oh to be a kid again. Or not! Go on be funny. What else can kids do that us adults miss out on?