Image by Krish Dulal

Stop! Take a moment and look into the sky. What do you see? Clouds? What shape? Dinosaur? Me too! Now, close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Wind? (pardon me) Birds? Crickets? Nothing.

It’s important to have a day to potter. The art of pottering has gone out of style and I am suggesting that we bring it back! Remember those sun-drenched days when the kids got muddy in the garden while the parents pottered around them? There is a peacefulness that comes with slowly walking, doing little things and sniffing up the fresh air into one’s nostrils.

I’ve been watching my little girl potter in the garden. She has recently discovered the joy of our swing. Not sure why it has taken her so long but there you have it. She has also befriended a family of ants that live on the footpath in our garden. To them she is their guardian, their provider, their friend. She sits with them, singing her own song, while feeding them a mountain of grass.

I love that she thinks they are super cute. Not too sure if I want her to keep them in the house like she wants to though. When she is on her swing she is truly happy. You can tell by the way she talks to herself and imagines all kinds of crazy things. To her life is simple, fun and interesting. Don’t you miss that?

Adult life is way too serious. I know it has to be that way but I think we can also choose to look up, to walk slower, to take a moment, close our eyes and sniff. As a mum I love learning life lessons by watching my kids. It is fascinating. It’s such an honour to witness the evolution of a person from babyhood to childhood and into those heavy adult years. I only hope I am a good enough guide, teacher, encourager to give them the tools they need for their futures.