Each day we are bombarded with bad news. It’s no wonder we don’t want to have anything to do with each other. The world is presented to us as dangerous and full of conflict. So we build higher fences and carefully select who we hang out with.

This has to stop! When all we had was the newspaper, no nightly news or internet 24/7, were we happier? We may have been more ignorant but perhaps that is how we should be. There are some things that we just do not need to know. While it is important to understand how our world is working and where we can help, our brains get a little twisted when they are soaked in bad news hour after hour.

Look at kids. For the most part they are ignorant of what is really happening in the world. What a golden age this is. Their world is small and mostly safe. We hope! In this place anything is possible, dreams are big and there are no limits. My son has had the same awesome teacher for the past 2 years. He goes to a large school, so he’s been extra lucky. I’ve been talking to him about having a new teacher next year but he’s optimistic that he’s going to get the same teacher again. It’s a small thing, but to him, this is possible, maybe even probable. I love it.

One day we were travelling to my parents’ house and he said, “I wonder if nanny will have a present for me.” I replied, “Oh she’s not going to give you a present every time you visit, so don’t expect one.” His answer? “Oh mum, think positively”. I bowed my head and downed a large slice of humble pie. He’s a bright button with a positive outlook on life and I’m in awe.

Perhaps it’s time to switch off the news. The internet can be such a negative place as well. A little ignorance goes a long way. Let’s vow to have a technology-free day or week and see how it affects us! Are you in?