I don’t know about you but my inspiration goes in circles. It’s like being on one of those silly kids rides that goes weeeeee up up up and then flows down making your tummy sink and tickle. Perhaps its just my all-or-nothing personality but that is just how I roll.

I can feel like “I’m the king of the world” one day, then the next I’m doubting my abilities all over again. I’m hoping that puts me smack bang in the ‘sensitive writer’ category. At least, then, there’s a reason for the roller coaster of emotions. Today is a great day. Whenever I have a ‘work’ meeting I leave feeling on top of the world. It confirms in my heart that I am on the right path, working in the right area. It’s a passion and I get to do it for a ‘job’! Yeee haaa.

It can be pretty daunting turning on the old lap top and checking out the brilliance that is out there in the interweb! But I figure, no one is me and I’m not anyone else. I’m a niche all to myself as others are to themselves. How cool is that? Comparing oneself to another oneself is not helpful in any area of life at any time… you dig?

I just love it and enjoy it when the inspiration surge hits. I’m a little childlike in these times. I fully believe I can do anything and reach high heights… except when I don’t, because sometimes I won’t.  (paraphrasing the Dr Seuss book Oh The Places You’ll Go here). But there’s no boom-bands playing, nor weird fluffy haired characters around (except my husband when he has his bouffant).

Like the dip on the ride, crashing down after an inspiration session can make my tummy feel weird and my eyes water. Questions race through my head, doubts rise and in the end I chow down on a few squares of chocolate look into my kids eyes and regain my composure and self-esteem. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

The bottom line is I love to write, I love blogging and I think the internet is amazing. I have a great family, I live near the beach and I have food in the cupboard. What more could a gal want!?

What inspires you in your work or play?