I’m sure most of us have been there, the lean years, the ‘how-the-heck-am-i-going-to-pay-that-bill’ moments. On these days it is as if the sky opens up and the sun, ironically, shines a little brighter. Scales fall from the eyes and you are hit with a fistful of perspective.

So, if you’re going down, if there’s no more money, what will you buy with your last $10? Would you go down celebrating or grieving? Would it be an act of generosity or gluttony? These days, $10 doesn’t go far but it is amazing how far you can stretch a dollar when you really need to.

Op shops are handy for such times. It is amazing what you can pick up for only a few dollars: toothpaste, jewellery, books, toys, clothes, beds, picture frames, lollies… anything! So with your $10 note, you can get heaps of stuff if you don’t mind second hand things in the local Op of the shop.

If you just can’t bring yourself to wear those stinky shoes or the slightly musty dress, then perhaps the supermarkets will provide a more suitable option. Stores (in Australia) like Aldi, Woolworths and Coles sell an interesting array of cheap stuff: clothes, make up, dvds, fruit, chocolate, desserts… And (pardon me local bottle shops) Dan Murphy’s sell alcohol for a ridiculously cheap price… if a bottle of wine is what you want to spend your last dollars on.

You may want to go out on a high note so a gourmet deli or cafe might be right up your alley. You can cry into your Chai Latte and savour the taste of your last white chocolate raspberry muffin (thanks mojos.com.au) as you remember the ‘good old days’ when your bank account was heavy with dollars and cents.

Then there’s the internet. And if you can find an online store selling cheap stuff with no postage, then you are set! You can get almost anything your heart desires on this contraption. Great invention, although the regular shopkeepers may disagree with me. But for the cash strapped, the internet is a beautiful thing. All the other wealthy people can get off their bottoms and support the locals.

What would you do with your last $10? As a bit of a wino, I would buy a bottle of wine at $4.99, a packet of my favourite chips and a block of chocolate, sit at the beach and toast the exciting and adventurous future that the wine is telling me is just around the corner! Ta da!