(My cousins, my brother and I  and 2 ring-ins)

This weekend I’m hanging out with my cousins. They are a special group of peeps who I love to bits. Firstly because they are really nice individuals and second because we know each other intimately> We are family and we’re fine with that.

I only have 3 cousins. Maybe that’s why they’re so special.

The first is a female with a shrill laugh and a joyful disposition. She is overly generous and ‘real’. You can just let it all hang out with her and she’ll never judge! She has a great sense of humour and a deep love for all people. When we were kids, she was my idol. She is three years older than me and in kid years that is for-e-ver! She was the first to go to High School, go to University. The first to be drilled by my grandfather about what she wanted to do with her life. Not sure if he had nursing in mind… because of the money. But she just laughed, patted him on the shoulder and  became a top notch nurse, married and now is a great mother to two beautiful kiddies! We are closer now that the age gap has shrunk and we have kids the same age. We laugh, we cry, we are great friends. Gush!

My second cousin is a male. He is one year older than me. And yes we married each other when we were kids. It didn’t work out. Ha ha. He is a gentle, quirky, fun musician type of man. Tall and lean. He pleased the grandfather no end when he proclaimed he was going to join the Air Force Jazz band troupe. This still included jumping out of planes and such. I still can’t picture him holding a gun and firing without a wry look on my face. It is just not him! But he’s made a great career out of this and travelled the world and we’re all proud of him. This pride isn’t just based on what he does but who he is. He is a man of deep integrity and weird humour. He is loyal and kind and sweet… in a manly way. He now has a lovely family and I imagine he is a great papa to his two little munchkins! Much love. Mwa.

The third and last cousin is a female, one year my junior. I call her spicy cous. She is a ball of passion and goodness. She loves fiercely, plays fiercely and laughs fiercely. I love that she is different to her siblings. We’re a lot alike which is why we fought a little as kids. We can laugh about it now, but we both always wanted to be heard and wanted control. But we had the best times together as well, making up dance routines, having sleepovers, hanging at the beach. There was never a dull moment when us spice girls were together. I love her honesty and her determination. I really respect the life she has built for herself with her family and her career. She has a deep passion for justice in the world which I really admire. She is loyal and kind and gorgeous and I love her muchly. Group hug!

These people have brought humour, fun and joy into a family that often took itself way too seriously. They brought music and laughter and spontaneity. I feel so blessed to be family with them and can’t wait to share some more ridiculous moments REAL soon!