Ahem. Before I had kids I would frown at the screaming baby. I would roll my eyes at parents serving babycinos to their toddlers in cafes, I would diss all the toys those spoilt kiddies had in their rooms! Excess people, excess.

Before I had kids I would scoff at the ways that parents allowed themselves to be sucked in by toy companies and brands: ‘Wiggles’ and ‘High Five’ and ‘Dora the Explorer’. I would scrunch my nose up at rude children that couldn’t say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ or the fussy kids who wouldn’t eat what was served to them.

I would look at the mums at the park and think how lucky they were, sitting there in the sunshine without a care in the world. Not like us in the ‘real’ world with the weight of money and things and time making us all hunch backed and pale of skin. I would dream about one day joining their ranks. I’d wear jeans everyday and no make up. I wouldn’t have to impress anyone or live up to the expectations of ‘the boss’. Freedom!

But then I had kids. Then I realised that not only was the pay pathetic, the uniform bland and the freedom – a myth, but that I still had a ‘boss’. This time the boss was tiny and oh so demanding. He/she didn’t use their big words or take a break at nighttime, they would scream for what they wanted, they would push me to breaking point and beyond, they would be sometimes rude, unappreciative, manipulative and constant.

The sunshine meant sunscreen, hats and shade cloth. I found myself buying the branded toys because that’s what made my little doe eyed kids smile. I would have babycinos in cafes with them! Loved it. And I would struggle to teach them to use their manners because they were so shy. And my kids are the fussiest eaters ever!

When you don’t have kids, the life of a stay at home mum seems breezy. But unless you do it yourself, you have no idea the pressures, the guilt and the weariness that these mummas carry around everyday. Yes, even on Sundays!!