November has arrived and so have the toy catalogues. I just got hit with a wad in the mail today. Wow. Check out what kind of toys they’re trying to sell us suckers!

Firstly, if your kids like Toy Story, then be prepared to pay between $20 and a million dollars per toy! Yippee! As if Lego wasn’t expensive enough. I cannot recommend ebay highly enough for Lego. My son is 7 and wasn’t concerned at all about the imperfect packaging on the second hand Kit Fisto Lego ship we bought him for his birthday. He was just stoked to get it!

Yes, they can cope with second hand stuff… can you?

The catalogue tells me that I can now buy goth dolls for my little 5 year old. Oh goody! Now instead of a little girl dreaming of being a beautiful princess, she can now aspire to wear dark clothes, thick eyeliner and act strange! No offence to goths out there. None taken? Great!

Also, our little darlings can get monster dolls with strange button eyes. They look like zombies. Oh, if only I had one when I was a kid! (please note the sarcasm…. I’m dripping in it today!).

Then if you haven’t already spent enough money on chunks of plastic, why not check out some mildly violent video games? Oh yes! The mob will love sitting back slicing off each others’ heads or kickboxing their opponent until they fall down dead… blood gushing out of every orifice. And another plus is that you will never have to have another conversation with your child… EVER! Because their new best friend, the video game machine, DS, ipod, blah blah will keep them occupied for that long! Ah. What a relief.

Forget the outside world. So overrated, so dull. Although, if you’re looking at easing your guilty conscience and want to get the little ones outside, why not buy them a fort, a jumping castle or a slip n’ slide? Surely they can’t be expected to entertain themselves. Keep them high and dry, clean and safe.

Ah. But seriously, I do love Christmas and I love catalogues (hypocrite) and I love buying presents for my kids. It’s just that I’m frustrated at how manipulated we all are and how ‘happy’ we are to pay a ridiculous amount of money for toys that we know will not last. Yep. Come March, our kids will have stuffed their Christmas presents under the bed to gather dust as they search the catalogues for the next big thing.

Do you find it hard budgeting for Christmas? Any tips?