December. A time for parties, Christmas, sun, sand and holidays. It’s also the time of farewells and new challenges… for me anyway.

My littlest kiddo is off to school next year, which means the Christmas concert at her kindy will also be a graduation. After 4 years at the one preschool, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. But it is time, the little lass has to grow up and we have to move on.

This limbo time before big school must be a funny one for our 5 year olds. Their crazy mums are tearing up when they try on their new uniforms and the teachers at kindy start talking letters and numbers, not just painting and craft! What the…?

In this time, the pre-schoolers may start to get a little over-emotional. Screaming, tears and airborne toys may drain us mums of our energy as we explain for the umpteenth time why they can’t have it, eat it, do it, say it, throw it. I keep saying to myself that little girl is just overwhelmed with all the changes. Her skin is mighty thin and some wise old tiptoeing is needed to keep some semblance of peace in the house.

My son went through a similar thing before school. There’s such a long build up before the big day and then a sense of normality, a routine sets in and they seem to settle down… in a tired kinda way. I’m hoping this will be the case for my daughty. She is so very very nice when she wants to be but extremely high maintenance when she doesn’t. Hmmmmm I wonder who she gets that from?

Next week is a big one. End of year concerts and those tearful farewells. Oh how will I cope with 2 kids at school? Will somebody please pause time so I can keep them at this age of innocence, joy and snuggliness?

Before I know it my little man will be a stinky old teenager with a limited vocab and a scratchy beard. His room will smell musty and he’ll start to look at me like I’m a crazy, naggy old lady. Frown. And then there’ll be the hormone battles, woman against miniature woman. Screaming, crying, foul words and slamming doors. Boyfriends I don’t approve of and skirts that are a little too high for my liking. Or maybe my kids will both be quiet, lovely nerds whose idea of a great Saturday night is to stay home with the family and play Monopoly. (Tell her she’s dreaming!)

But back to reality. Back to the countdown of yet another milestone. Will I survive without copious amounts of tears and lumps in throat? Will my little girl get a great teacher or be in the same class as her bestie? What will be will be I guess. It’s another motherly challenge to conquer. I’m just hoping and praying for the best! Eeeeek.