Image by Tom Murphy VII

Being a blogger is like talking to yourself and hoping someone else overhears and joins in the conversation. It’s a bit strange actually, but I love it!

I imagine the internet like a web (ha ha) of people floating with laptops secured to their… um… lap. They probably have a coffee in hand, some have glasses perched on the end of their noses and a vague, cloudy look in their eyes.

They have perfected the monitor stare, the google frown that comes from searching but not finding exactly what is needed cos there’s way too much out there. I’m hoping there is a wry smile on their face when they stumble on to my site. Not because I’m full of myself and think I’m amusing, but because I hope they find something useful, something to bring a little light to their day.

Blogging connections can be quite encouraging and friendly but we all know there’s another element out there. Whether they be just random spam or pointedly horrible, the ‘haters’ intrude on the peacefulness of a site with their sticky daggers and dark eyes. They’re unwelcome, slashing words are like acid to one’s soul and so, with a click of a key stroke I wipe them out of my site. Take that, haters! Fierce.

For the most part, blogging is a pleasure. It is nice and light and warm and fun! Recently I was in another city and happened to run into one of my readers who I didn’t know at all so it was extra special! (She was a cousin of a friend so not totally unrelated but …still!). It’s great to know that out there, on the ‘web’ you have invisible friends; people who appreciate and ‘get’ your thoughts and ideas.

So, if you haven’t given it a go, perhaps 2012 will be your blogging year! Let me know if you start and I’d love to read your thoughts and become one of your ‘invisible’ friends!

Once again, Merry Christmas! 2 sleeps to go. Woot!