Technology is great! Love the iphone 3, 4 or future 5. I love the internet, access to music and movies is easy as start up, click, click, download, wait a bit, loaded, watch. Ah! Funky and efficient stuff.

It’s summer in Oz and that means hanging out with good friends at a bbq or on holidays. This year I’ve noticed a marked change in how we socialise. Even us old 30 something year olds seem to interact by showing funny clips from Youtube or sharing fav aps or taking ridiculous photos of each other! (Ah delete, I had neck rolls in that one! Love digital technology).

It seems everyone has a portable digital device of some brand or other. Does that mean we have lost the ability to be creative in the way we entertain our guests? Try camping in a spot without mobile reception, without wifi. What would you do to pass  the time? How would the conversation go? “What is your status?” “I’m sitting on a deck chair staring at you, wondering what the heck I’m going to do without my iphone for 5 days.”

Imagine silence. The absence of keyboard clicks, or badly filmed Youtube clips blaring from someone’s phone. Imagine having a little shut eye in the afternoon. Telling jokes was once big, though the punchlines were often lame. Cards were played, friendships put on the line as the one cheat in the group started getting out of hand, or someone genuinely forgot the rules and stuffed up the game. Good dramatic times.

Hours were past creating new silly songs with an acoustic guitar (a real one…true story!). Rock ballads were played with a group of tone deaf singers belting them out at the top of their voices! That’s fun. Loud, but fun.

In the past people spent time helping each other out. There would be working bees on houses, with beers for lunch and a sweaty but satisfied handshake at the end of the day. People would spend hours swimming, eating and building sandcastles or other structures that would eventually be washed away by a freakish wave.

Phone calls lasted hours (if you’re a girl) and words were spelled in their entirety. Remember letters? If bored, olden days people would grab a lovely smelling sheet of lovely paper and write a lovely, well thought out letter to one of their lovely friends or family. The recipient would then open their lovely letterbox and there, on the lovely envelope, would be a letter from their lovely friend to their lovely self. And the news would be NEW cos there was no facebook, twitter, linkedin.

People played games in the same room as their friends, across a heavy cardboard square with tangible counters, square, die on them. The roll of the dice would be in 3D because it was real. Ah. Yes!

As much as I love technology, I think that it is healthy, once in a while to banish all that stuff from your life. Just for a week or so. Smell the roses, pick a daisy, spend a day using eye contact again. And see how it feels! Blissful, I’d say.