The sun is sunny and the heat hot and I’m inside. Gulp. Feeling a little guilty. Yup! The kids went to the movies (how could they on a day like today) and they may just choose to play inside! Shocking!

As much as I love the great, beautiful, airy outdoors, sometimes I’m just a home bumpkin. I like sitting and swinging on my chammock (chair hammock) and reading and sipping peach ice tea and relaxing in the comfort of my own space. This can often make me feel a tad guilty as I live near the beach, I feel I should be on the beach every day or I’m a spoiled little lady indeed (at least that’s what my inner voice tells me).

I must say, when I get to the beach, kick off my thongs (they’re the shoes we wear on our FEET in Australia, not the other thing!), and get my toes digging in the sand, there truly is no better place to be. The kids come alive in the open air, the sea spray flies into their nose and out their mouths giving them a kind of high.

Then there’s the small to medium waves and the slight chill when your sandy feet first touch that pristine water. Exhale. Ah, this is the life. Why would I want to sit at home staring at a computer screen when I can be exhaling here, in paradise. That just makes me feel even more guilty when I do choose to stay at home and sit and swing in chammock and tap away on keyboard instead of scrunching toes in crunchy orange sand.

I think I need a serious forehead slap. There are bigger fish to fry, more pressing things to feel guilty about that indoor/outdoor issues. Geesh. I swear, if I didn’t have anything to worry or feel guilty about, I would invent something.

What do you feel guilty about! Do share.