After watching the new Muppet film it got me thinking about the ‘old’ days, before technology, before short, short skirts, before rude gestures. A time when everything seemed nice, ordered and slow (was there such a time?).

Good ole technology has its place, sure, but it threatens the ‘nice’, slow way of life that can be quite pleasant. A friend’s funky bookstore recently had to close due to (among other things) the online shopping boom and the dreaded Kindle machine.

I always like to lag behind in the technology race… except for my trusty laptop (you little schnookems). I don’t mind the fast pace of technology, I love a good iphone but may it never take the place of simple things like books.

Don’t you just love getting an old book? It’s yellow pages hold history. You never know who has come before you, who has picked up this book and what they have imagined as they have read. Sometimes you may get some notes in the columns or an old dog-eared page. And the smell! There is nothing like the smell of a book, old or new. No siree, you won’t get that on your fancy pants machine thing. They may be able to simulate the sound of a page turning but they can’t replicate the smell, the touch.

I haven’t given up on the simple bookstore. No way! In the eighties they said that the new, zappy, wacky-do video player was going to be the death of the cinema. Thirty years later, cinemas are booming, even drive-ins are making a comeback. I’m sure this fad will also morph into the rest of our culture.

Books will simply become vintage and desirable and hello, back they come. I just cannot think of anything worse than staring at a computer screen to read a book. What would everyone do with their bookmarks and bookcases and you can’t take a Kindle in the bath with you can you? So there smarty pants technology, book sapping machine. Unless, of course they make a water proof, lightweight contraption.

Having said all that, I do love technology: the internet, blogging (obviously), ebay, youtube, facebook…yep… I know, I’m a hypocrite. I just think it’s sad when we chuck out the old technology to wholeheartedly embrace the new. Baby… bathwater…