Mmmmwaaaa! Happy Valentine’s Day Eve everyone! The pressure is building, the roses are blooming and the shops are filled with pink hearts and ADORABLE cards. Sweet.

Now for you cynical Valentine’s Day scrooges out there who can’t be bothered to do anything for your special someone on that rosy day, I have one thing to say…shame on you! You may blame your apathy on the fact that the card companies, florists and chocolatiers profit (which is true) but so what?

There really is no excuse to ignore this day of lurve. It is a great opportunity to treat your beloved one to something a little special. Some may say that Valentine’s Day should just happen everyday, but it doesn’t, does it? No! You may have lofty ideals about treating your gal or fella special regardless of the day but for the majority of us, life just gets in the way and it doesn’t happen.

Valentine’s Day suits the busy person. There is no chance of forgetting it because we are slapped in the face with ads on TV, in shops, on the radio. Wherever you walk there are the decorations and everyone is talking about it.

The couples who put a whole load of effort into the day are not seen as too ‘cool’ in our society. Love is foolish, crazy, carefree. Go for it love nerds!

The so-called ‘cool’ people who scoff at the day and plan nothing at all may actually end up feeling as if they have missed out, or their partner might! It just doesn’t make sense. You get to go out to a beautiful, candle lit dinner, you get presents, you get to gaze lovingly into the eyes of your mate… what could be better than that? It’s an excuse for fun and romance, dim lighting and chocolate. Now when you put it that way, who can resist?

If you’re a bit of a scrooge, why not surprise your loved one this year with something, anything special. You have 24 hours, so get to it! And to the rest of you, have a happy, romantic, fun Valentine’s Day why don’t ya!