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I love it when writers, directors, actors etc hit that sweet spot. You know those scenes from your favourite TV shows that take it from good to incredible? Ah. There are some brilliant scenes that have made me fall deeply, madly into addiction with some series. Here they are. They may not be your cuppa tea but to me they are pure gold!

1. Gilmore Girls – This scene is perfecto! It depicts family life in such a dramatic, humorous and ‘real’ way. I loved it! My number 1!!!

2. Arrested Development – One of the best comedies of all time! Which scene to choose? My husbands all time favourite scene is the following. The Bluth family are trying to sell land to Japanese investors. They use a train set to trick them into thinking building has already begun. Throw in a few misunderstandings and ridiculous props and you’ve got yourself a great scene!
3. Community – Oh my new love! This is a quirky little number starring a whole heap of unknowns and Chevy Chase! It’s a little silly sometimes but I love the characters, especially Ahbed and Troy who do these funny little bits at the end of every episode! Here’s a pearler:
4. 30 Rock – This series can be hit and miss sometimes but when it gets it right it’s down right hilarious! Go Liz Lemon.One of the best characters is Doctor Spaceman (pronounced Spachee man) who is less doctor and more um madman! Hilarious. And you can’t go past a Tina Fey dance routine!
5. ER – On a more serious note we head to the ER where every episode is guaranteed to make you cry. This one was particularly disturbing. When one of the ER docs died they had to wheel him through the corridors he used to walk in front of all his colleagues… gut wrenching but incredible TV.
It’s so hard to choose the best scene from any fav TV show! What are some of your favs?

Knitting is back! If you don’t know that, then you haven’t been cool for the last five years. Whether you crochet or knit, making your own winter woolies has become the thing to do on a Friday night with the girls.

Just last Friday night I was doing just that; with a few homies and a heater! Knitting has had a rocky ride in our fickle society over the last hundred years. It was all the rage, then it was a daggy, granny sort of thing, and now, well, it’s baaa-aack! I’m a strict knitter, follow the pattern sort of lass. My co-creators, the other night, well they are seasoned crocheters. I really want to know how to crochet but I feel like an old dog and crochet, a new trick.

A knitting circle is a funny little gathering. There’s talk about wool, patterns and improvisations. There is often wine involved so you never know how those improvised patterns will work out; jelly beans have a similar effect. So there I was, legs crossed, needles clicking away. But then, I found myself comparing my little scarf number to the awesome crochet creations across the room. Big mistake. You want to leave the circle feeling warm and fuzzy. Craft circles are not to be competitive… or is it just me?

The humble hobby of knitting has evolved into a worthwhile pastime for the hip and the happening. So much so that it has infiltrated pop culture. I was mildly amused to see that there is now a knitting awards night for the film and television industries. I’m not sure how official it is, mind you. It’s called the KNIFTAs. This year the winners were:

Funniest Knitting/Crochet scene, Jack McBrayer in 30 Rock

– Best Knitting/Crochet scene, Chi McBride for Pushing Daisies

– Best Knitwear, Ruth Meyers for The Golden Compass

They also love Nick Park as his character, Gromit, is often depicted, knitting.The awards are a novel idea. If Hollywood is into knitting, then the rest of the world will have the courage to pick up their dusty old needles and have a go. This day has been a long time coming for me! In my teens, I was a closet knitter. But now, with the seal of approval from the centre of pop culture itself, I am now cool.

Fellow knitters, crochetestsers and other crafty sort of characters, you no longer have to meet in musty, darkened rooms to hide your addiction. Open the blinds, let in that blinding sunlight and knit away. For tomorrow, it may all end.

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Alm comes from the trees

My daughter has made up a shop called ‘Alm comes from the trees’, this is also a man. The next day she asked her father and brother if they wanted to play ‘Koala ventress’ on the trampoline. Her ‘My Little Pony’ is called ‘Grass’. Talk about creative. Her ideas are limitless. They don’t make sense; they don’t have to, she is three!

Oh to have that freedom and go crazy with ideas. I love that. I love when you get a taste of crazy creativity. It may seem pathetic in the morning but you have to risk being lame to find the truly magical ideas. I love when filmmakers do that.  I love films like Big Fish, Amelie, Juno, Sherlock Holmes and Stranger than Fiction. They open up conventions and put a really interesting twist on stories, making them rich and enduring.

I must confess to a slight obsession with ‘Rom-Coms’ but they rarely satisfy. My toes curl and blood pumps when I watch a film that is out of this world amazing, startling and beautiful. Some go too far, trying to be too cool. I’m sorry Coen brothers, that was you with Burn After Reading.

Give me smart, sassy television (Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, Arrested Development) over blood and guts, murder, same old, same old formula rehashed for the umpteenth time. To create a story, film, show that has depth, humour and creativity is the ultimate in my book. Not just to be cool but to be ‘Alm comes from the trees’ creative.

My lass just may be the next Coen, Sherman-Palladino, Hurwitz! No pressure lady-hands.