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Cover your eyes boys, we’re going down an uncomfortable street today! Boobs, waxing vs shaving, bras and of course the monthlies! You know what I’m talking about. Girl stuff, lady land! Be ye warned.

For many moons us girls have endured the monthly cycle of hormones (that make us look like loonies) and the stuff that is not spoken of. I shall call him Mr Taboo! Oh it’s gross for us too. I have long believed that men get off lightly in this department. Sure, they may have minor embarrassing things to deal with but for us females we have breast size, bras and the dreaded periods to deal with as we mature into womanhood.

When I first received the gift of womanly life, the pads were thicker than Mars Bars. They gave you a perceptible waddle at that time of the month and you knew that others knew what was happening down below! Today the girls have it easy. You can choose from (my favourite) the invisible pad, or tampons or super + super thin pads. But my favourite favourite pad is the Libra pad.

Libra knows that us girls are bored of the same old monthly routine. It’s not pleasant, really. So, as all good Libra users know, they have added some entertainment to their pads; trivia! It gets you thinking and gives you a nervous giggle at the same time! Brilliant. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here are some samples taken straight from Libra’s mouth, so to speak. Read and learn, my pets, read and learn. I bet you didn’t know:

  • Due to its eye placement a donkey can see all of its hooves at the same time
  • Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults laugh 15-100 times a day
  • The term karaoke means”empty orchestra”
  • Sheep will not drink from running water
  • It takes on average 90 squirts from a cow’s udder to make a litre of milk
  • Fish can get seasick
  • There is more than 25.000km of neon tubing in the signs on the Strip and downtown Las Vegas
  • Lizards communicate by doing pushups
  • In most advertisements, the time displayed on a watch is 10:10
  • Sugar was added to chewing gum in 1896 by a dentist, William Semple

Can you imagine the incredible amount of useless information women now have stored in their brains thanks to Libra? I must admit, I like it and luckily for them, I also like their product. And no, I wasn’t paid for this blog! Perhaps I should have been!

What’s your favourite Libra trivia tidbit?


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Never throw anything out. Never! Today I found a pair of fluro pink sunnies I’ve had since a teen and to my horror, they are now back in fashion. Well, I tried them on and put them straight in the bag to go to the Op shop. I just can’t do it to myself. I’m not in that demographic anymore.

According to my beloved Sydney Morning Herald, denim is back. I had been considering letting my denim jacket run free, to graze on fresh pastures, to retire after many moons stuck in my dusty old cupboard. But now, as fashion dictates (and who, exactly is the dictator?) my dusty old jacket is once again, socially acceptable. Hip hip and hooray.

Denim can once again be worn with denim. How do we feel about this? High panters are back, perms have made a quiet resurgence, what will be next? I’m feeling lost in a forest of fashion possibilities and I’m not even fashion literate. I often wonder what my wardrobe would look like if I had a sizable clothes budget. In the past few years I have been very lucky to receive some quality second hand clothes from more fortunate ladies of a similar (sometimes excrutiatingly smaller) size. So, my clothes represent a variety of people. Where do the ‘others’ end and I begin?

My style:
* I say ‘no’ to fluro of any sort. I also say an equally gusto filled ‘no’ to pastels. I like strong colours and particular cuts of dresses that my ‘friends’ Trinny and Susannah say suits my figure. (Thanks to my aunty-in-law for that book, though I was a little unsure whether she was saying I was stylish or I desperately needed help!)
* Being tall, I tend to go for flats for shoes, though I do like the idea of wedges. Bare feet are always a ‘yes’ in my book!

image by Boblover64

* Hair can be long or shortish but I feel like my best look is found in a medium length which is a little boring sometimes.
* I like comfort but will sacrifice a little if it means a swift boost to the self-esteem!
* I do like to check out what fashionistas are saying and pick and choose what I like and what will last for the next few years.

What is your style? Do you go with the fashion flow or wear the same timeless style each year? Do share.

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Fads! Strange word, even stranger phenomenon. Why do we do it? Fashion, jargon, hair dos or don’ts! They’re everywhere and if you’re not careful, you too may be caught in a fad!

Cars are not immune to this. If you live anywhere near the ocean you will whole heartedly concur. A few years ago, random frangipanis began appearing on the back window of our coastal cars. “Cool!”, we all thought. What a neat way to feminise your car. Then they multiplied so that almost every 4WD had its own cluster of frangipanis . The newest fad in car sticker seems to be the fake broken window with a fake ball or rock or whatever sticking out from it, shockingly looking like the real deal.

What will be next for our boring old vehicles? My husband had an idea that I think you’re all going to like. On hot days near the beach people rest their elbows on their open car window sill. Hubby’s idea was to have a long arm hanging out of the car window, with metal knuckles so that when the car moved, the knuckles would create SPARKS on the road! Brilliant.

Last summer I was in limbo. Should I join the maxi dress fad or hold off and see if it’s a one year wonder? Well, I jumped in and bought 2 dresses and lo and behold, this summer, the maxi dress is still a winner, phew! It’s always a risk, being a fadster. Some years you buy that fake fur coat from Target, only to find the next year, it’s completely daggy. (It is still in my cupboard somewhere crying out for someone to wear it!)

There may be bigger fish to fry but it seems that we, in our over stimulated culture, need to keep moving forward. Even if it means looking back and feeling embarrassed at how unkempt our hair was, how snug our jeans fit and how ridiculously large our sunglasses were. At the end of the day it has to be FUN!

Do you cringe when you look back at your photos of yester year? The clothes, the hair, the dos and don’ts and the dos that became DON”TS!

I remember the spiky fringe days. Massive amounts of gel or mousse were caked on those unsuspecting fringes. They sat up, almost all day. Well they had to when you were at school and you didn’t want to be tagged as a dag.

Sock styles were constantly changing. There was the socks over pants fad, then the socks scrunched down to the shoe faze and then the most unattractive long high socks up to the skirt style. I am still confused about where I stand with socks. I think I like the old scrunch down. And what colour sock do you wear with jeans and shorts? (Really, I’d like to know)

Colours are seasonal as well. You’ve got to find colours to suit your skin tone etc but there have been times when particular colours were definitely IN! For all

image by piercetheorganist

those children of the eighties do you remember, could you forget the era of the fluro? Tops, shorts, tights, swimmers, socks… everything that could be fluro, was! And how could we forget the hypercolor t-shirts? These we BIG for both girls and guys. Then there were the theme t-shirts. One particular fella had a shark bite t-shirt with the bite cut out of the side. Classic.

Then there was the scrunchie usually holding up a high ponytail. This was a must-have for the cool girls at school.

We seem to have gone from maximist to minimalist over the past twenty years! The hair has flattened, the colours have dulled and the clothes have become more body-friendly. I remember the days when I rebelliously wore a crop top and hot pants to church, just to make a scene and defy conventions. These days, long tops and leggings are the go, thank goodness! Very mummy friendly.

The curler has gone, the straightener is here. We have skinny jeans, boot leg jeans and straight leg jeans which are all socially acceptable. There are boots, flats, stilettos, ankle huggers, thongs (or flip flops for the American crowd), sandals, roman sandals – they all get the thumbs up in this post-post modernist culture. It’s an anything goes type of deal.

Whatever I wear now, I’m sure in twenty years I will look back and say, “What was I thinking!” I have this in the back of my mind when I consider following the fashion crowd. Whatever future Emma thinks, I’m sure I’ll remember what a hoot I was having and not what I was wearing. As I say to my kids, “Where’s it most important to be beautiful? In your heart.”