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Image by MystifyMe Concert Photography (Troy)

Image by MystifyMe Concert Photography (Troy)


What would have happened if they had just been honest? If they had discarded the spin and the constant avoidance of answers? What if they told us the truth even if we didn’t like it?

What if they had told us the boats will keep coming, we’re deep in debt and a little panicky about the future. What if they told us taxes had to rise, even a little or our hospitals were in a mess and it was too big to fix? If they had admitted to failures regarding our Kev and letting mousey men with greedy agendas run our government, embarrassing us all, would we punish them or forgive them?  Would we have the guts to vote for the ones with integrity or do we actually like the spin?

Are we happy with our heads in the sand, with hospitals running on empty, with schools underfunded, teachers undervalued and small businesses squashed by the giants of big business? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if we were smart or if we were happy to be ignorant, as a people? To have someone who did what they said; one who valued the poor and the suffering. A leader who was brave enough to address questions directly, stumping  challenging journalists by answering honestly.

Can you imagine an Australian Prime Minister with the guts to say it how it is, to have a laugh, to have a heart and focus on big and small picture with passion and integrity? Where are you right now? Are you five years old? Are you seventeen?

Will we hope, can we hope for a change in the spin, in the ‘white lies’, in the sand-in-head planting behaviour? I am no political know-it-all or savvy reporter-type. I am a regular person who is tired of the same old, same old politicians who really are all cast out of the same mold.

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If the country was run by kids, there would be no double-talk. If you’re ugly or fat or stupid or drunk, the kids would just say it how they saw it. And you could always tell when they were lying. Their little eyes would point to the ground, shifting from side to side.

If the country was run by kids, poor people would have beds because they should; and toys too. They would make sure that everything was fair, that everyone got what they should. Kids love justice.

If the country was run by kids, meetings would be run by grown-ups in animal costumes speaking in high pitched voices. There would be balloons, lollies and music. They would just go with the ‘prettiest’ idea.

If the country was run by kids, factions would change on a daily basis, “You’re not my friend, today.” And conflicts would be resolved by sharing snacks and toys. “I’ll give you some star wars figures if you let this bill through.”

If the country was run by kids, arguments would end in tears, nap time would be  enforced for all Australians and  their days would start at 5am with ABC kids.

If the country was run by kids, there would be tantrums and lying and game playing and insults and friend swapping and arm twisting and popularity contests and name calling.

I guess some kids never grow up.