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but it went right out of my head. I’m searching through my memory banks to find the awesome theme I was going to write on today. It was to be an easy, entertaining read, full of interesting points of view and perhaps even a little laughter.

It was when I was driving out of the Woolies carpark, turning right onto that road where everyone turns left. It hit me right between my eyes. “Brilliant”, I thought. But now, it dawns on me that my little tickety brain is not what it used to be.

Blame children or age or perhaps a poor memory but some things just do not stick. I place them in with love and care and tell them to stay but alas and also alack, they slide right out of my left ear, evaporating into the atmosphere, never to be seen again.

Ideas, inspiration, words of wisdom, they all end up in the same place. That is why I am a writer not a speaker. When you speak, you need to have words and references stuck in your mind permanently. Us writers can google, we can check our facts or use a thesaurus when our brains go on the blink.

For today, I will blame the rain, the grizzly child and the driving at the time of revelation. I will chase that blog to the ends of my brain, but it may be lost forever and for that I am truly sad and sorry.

However, tomorrow is a new day, with new observations and inklings! Perhaps I will find another path to follow and remind myself about the importance of carrying a notepad and pen!


The origins of blogging

According to, blog is a colloquial term used when describing a web-log. A web-log is “an online journal or newsletter that is updated frequently and is posted on a website..”

Social networking and blogs baffle the average person. Even cluey high ranking business people have no idea what they are really about. Or more importantly the power of the blog; this is networking on steroids baby!

For most in the blogosphere, their blog is a space for them to share their thoughts, feelings, art and opinions on whatever is on their mind. Blogs get interesting, however, when you realise that for many people, this is their career.

Now, I know this shouldn’t be difficult to understand but how exactly do people make a living out of an online journal? First, they have something to say. Second, they know a little about SEOs (Search Engine Optimization). You have to learn how to get people to look at your page and you do this through strategic words! This is where it gets a little fuzzy for me as a trainee blogger.

It is all about the search engine. What are people searching for, what do they want to know? Find a place in the world wide market and slot yourself in and there is your career.

It is all about retaining readers as well. That means having interesting content, for example, photos, tips, stories and video clips. There is a blog ( that is all about trivia for example, his latest entry is “Some Palm Trees Can Survive Freezing Winters”. Why, you ask? That’s why you read on. He has loads of answers to everyday questions that may or may not pop into your head. The best thing for this writer is that he has an endless supply of material.

The hardest part of this is finding a focus, having enough stuff to talk about and getting the time and the resources to do it well.

Blogging of yore

Ok, now it’s time to get serious. Enough fluffing around. It is time my poor little blog found a home, a theme! I’m thinking of having one fluffy blog and the other more professional “I’m a writer, hear me tap!” (?), kinda thing.

I honestly didn’t think the ‘net would be so confusing. I think I’m over-thinking it. How do you get noticed on the www in a jungle of other people doing the same thing? How do you earn $ while doing something you love? I think I’m going to faint.

I’m sure you can read many blogs on how to blog but I guess it comes down to what you’re passionate about. Let’s see: writing (ta da), film/tv/theatre, kids issues (though is that a passion or just something I experience daily??), stories, current affairs, food (watched julie and julia last night = inspired). Any advice dear internetians?

It’s a bit of a rambling blog today. Just fishing for a theme, seeing what comes up.

Have a sunny day!

So, today I am experiencing the modern phenomenon of blog block. I know it is important to write everyday, so here I am. Blog block starts with the daunting ‘New Post’ screen. It stares at you with its dark, cynical glare saying “oh yeah! Got something good for me today, do ya?” You sheepishly squeak back “Uh huh! I think so”.

The mind goes blank. Think of the blog theme, something that people will find amusing or informative. Think of a heading that will capture attention of facebookers, twitterers, googlers, yahooists and the like. And then tags! What are they? Random words to get you more views? I feel lost in the blogosphere sometimes which inevitably leads to blog block.

I can think of funny stories from my past. For example, do you know I once smiled at my own reflection, that I fell down the stairs in Rome (very exotic) or that I accidentally punched a teammate in the face while playing volleyball (I’m not violent I swear).

Perhaps I’ll go deep and look at the world. I’ll talk about motherhood issues (permissive vs controlling – where is the middle ground?), or I’ll lament about past failures and the hope for dreams to come true.

I could be funny, silly or quirky. Sometimes it works you know! I could be the clown blog, you know, the writer mum who says the unspeakable. She talks about vomits, farts, hairy noses or bottom cracks (well some one has to!).

I could mix it up. People get bored you know, especially on the internet. So many options, so little time (or so they say). So I sit on my bed, laptop on pillow or in my office at an official desk, thinking up new themes, ideas, observations and such to show off my obvious writing talent (ha ha!) and one day make a pretty penny from the virtual ‘pen’.

So, please pardon my blog block for today. Normal service will resume tomorrow. I just have to blog, even if it means unblocking a blog block by blogging about blocks!